30 Days of Brave Challenge- Day 1, April 25th 2017


What was the seed that inspired you to start this 30-day challenge?
Anxiety and the state of chaos in my house are the two seeds which inspired me to embark on this challenge. My intention by the end of this 30-Day Challenge is to feel more at ease in my house, which hopefully feels more like a home.
Choose a physical object to serve as a reminder of why you committed to this 30-Day Challenge.

I choose my Mum’s little Jade Buddha as a reminder of my search for calm.


When I am inspired I am motivated and driven. I can feel a flame inside me pushing me to create more and perform better. The only thing in between in where I am now and where I want to be, is acting on my brave intentions. Taking a moment to complete each day’s journal is a small win that will perpetuate more small wins throughout the day making it easier to develop habits that empower brave living.

“From a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame.”


What does it mean to be “living intentionally”? Read Matt from Inspired Intention’s take here
The future unfolds from the tip of intention.

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