Day 4: 30 Days of Brave Challenge- April 28th, 2017


Live in the breath.


Breathing in through the nose,
Breathing out through the mouth.

Breathing in feeling the lungs expanding,
Breathing out feeling a sense of letting go.

Breathing in to feel the body getting fuller,
Breathing out to feel the release of any tension.

Breathing in feeling alive and awake,
Breathing out feeling muscles relaxing.

Breathing in that sense of fullness,
Breathing out that unnecessary tension in the body and mind.

PRESENT: existing or occurring now.

I will not allow my past fears and failures to limit the potential of who I could become today. Only this present moment, holds the opportunity for powerful life-changing action.  As I live today in the present moment, I free myself from any stress of the past and anxiety for the future.


“There is only one time that is important – NOW! It is the most important time because it is the only time that we have any power.”– LEO TOLSTOY


Here are 4 tips to help harness the power of every moment.

Focus on your breath.

The breath is the simplest and most powerful way to stay present in every moment because the breath is always present!  We can’t breathe into the future or the past. There is always only one breath and it’s happening right now.

Let go of the past.

Even if you wish you could change things from the past, you can’t. And the only thing you can change is how you’re living right now. So let the past go and step fully into your power in this very moment. Live the life you want to live TODAY.

Set your goal and let it go.

While we can’t predict the future, it is beneficial to set an intention or a goal. But the key here is to set the goal, then let it go. Keep your energy in the present moment and trust that the process is unfolding according to plan.

Remember to enjoy the journey.

Is there ever really reach a final point where we’ve done it all and you feel totally satisfied? In either case, there will always be endless present moments to enjoy, unfolding infinitely.

Enjoy this link from Inspired Intention


Recall a past moment that left me feeling powerless or afraid …

I have never felt so lost as the night my mum died. I can still remember the feeling of shock and confusion. I felt powerless because I didn’t notice the warning signs that she was seriously ill. I accept that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t foresee her death coming at that time. I felt afraid because I never thought I would have to experience the death of a parent for the second and final time, so soon after the loss of my dad. For some reason, I just didn’t think it would happen because I was in denial that it might (and yes it had to eventually) happen. I felt powerless because my body and mind were in shock and took over. I struggled to speak, which I never have trouble managing. All I could do was focus on my children minute after minute and I didn’t look further than the end of each hour. If I had not have done this, I’m not sure whether I would’ve survived.

How can I let go of that limiting past experience based on what I know now?

In some way, I do not want to let that moment in my life go. Because life felt raw and I felt my most vulnerable. And while shock, and trauma, and bereavement are horrible to experience, they are experiences most of us will have. Maybe I would have coped more poorly in the following days, months and years if Mum hadn’t have passed at that time. I don’t know. The parts of the experience I let go are the shock, the disbelief, the hurt and the anger. These are not happy emotions and feelings to continue my life with. I know now that life moves forward, no matter what or who we try to hold on to. We can’t pause time and living in an emotional bubble filled with denial that we are immortal is deluded.


The future unfolds from the tip of intention.

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