Day 11- 30 Days of Brave Challenge: May 5th, 2017

Day 11 of 30 Days of Brave



Think of a situation in your life that is difficult, that is causing you stress. Bring the situation to mind, and see if you can actually feel the stress and emotional discomfort in your body.

Now, say to yourself:

“This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is a part of life. I will treat this suffering with compassion and kindness.”

“Compassion is the courage to descend into the reality of human experience.”


COMPASSION: a sympathetic response to suffering.

Compassion melts fear. Every fear I experience is a part of me that has grown out of the experiences I’ve had. By acknowledging these fears, and listening to them, I can begin to understand why they’re there … most often they’re just trying to keep me safe, and usually, I can just let them know that I’m already safe. I can let the insistent voice of fear fade away because I am compassionate.


Write a note to yourself from the perspective of an unconditionally loving imaginary friend.



Adventure into Psychological Research: Creation of a Research Journal

Today is a very special day in my academic life, the day I get started on my postgraduate research project. I am studying the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) via Monash University in Melbourne. 

While I haven’t narrowed down my topic, I have become more mindful about my real interests in the area of psychology I have chosen to focus on.

So before I bore you any further, I’ll show you how I am putting together my Research Journal. It’s hard to get too creative in psychology, so I thought making a journal of the work I am putting together would act as a source of communication, will help me feel organised and will be there to help me relax throughout this new adventure I’m heading off on.

Don’t forget. I am new to research. You may be a super experienced researcher, so the content of my journal might be super basic for you. That’s not my intention however. This journal will be a key tool for me.

As you can see, I have started with a running to do check list. Every time I think of a task I need to complete, even those as small as checking for an email from my research supervisor, the task will be written here.

Next up, I’ve started brainstorming key constructs and areas I am interested in. I have made myself a deadline (which will all be added to my “Phase” pages) in that I need to have honed in on a topic by this Monday 9am and have decided what type of research design I want to implement. With this, I will be spending the weekend creating a Research Proposal to informally submit to my Research Supervisor. I think this will be an invaluable start to a long narrative of feedback.

I will post my Research Proposal template here at This Melbourne Mum over the weekend (once I’ve celebrated my birthday with academia clearly not on my mind!)

The next spread I posted above are the Phase spreads. My research unit is split into 3 phases over 6 weeks so I have planned to keep track of phase-specific tasks on these spreads. The sticky “to do” lined notes are from Officeworks, for all my fellow stationery geeks out there.

The last two spreads involve a variety of research tips I’ve started to brainstorm. I love a good brainstorm! Or a brain dump, sounds so much more appropriate! I’ll make more of these brainstorm pages I’m sure, once my supervisor starts to provide advice about the direction of my work.

I’ve also made a calendar page to keep track of May and June (which will fly by, considering the amount of work I have to get through), a “Meeting Dates” page to track dates and notes from my supervisor and peer group meetings about our projects and an assessment tracker to allow me to watch my pace throughout the next 6 weeks. 

And there you have it. Jumping in at the deep end!

If you have any thesis or psychology related pages you’d like me to follow, I’m all eyes and ears, so comment below, find me on Instagram here or drop me a line via This Melbourne Mum’s Mail:

Can’t wait for the days ahead!



Day 10- 30 Days of Brave: May 4th, 2017

Day 10 of 30 Days of Brave



Ask three consecutive ‘whys’ to someone today.

By asking WHY three times we go beyond the surface-level habitual responses and get to the real root of a question or problem.

CURIOUS: eager to know or learn something.


Courage needs curiosity. And curiosity takes courage. When faced with fear, my curiosity asks, ‘Why am I scared of this?’. Responding to fear with investigation develops an awareness that favors courageous action. Each time I let go of the need to be right and stay in that vulnerable place of uncertainty, I am embracing the kind of curiosity that enables positive change to occur.

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.



A recent fear that I would like to overcome …

My recent fear is based on time. The feeling like time passes too quickly.

Why does this fear make me feel scared and uncomfortable?

This fear has previously made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and has stopped me from doing a lot in my life.

Why does matter to me that I overcome this fear?

I am overcoming this fear because I want to make the most of my life, for each moment I am healthy enough to live it fully.

Why have I been previously been unable to overcome this fear?

I had previously been unable to overcome this fear because of the loss I have faced in my life. Certainly puts a dampener on your outlook about growing older. I thought that the less I faced my fear and denied it, the less of a problem it would be. So wrong.


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What will challenge and inspire you?


Am I There Yet?

At what point can I label myself “middle aged”?

I’m five years off forty. Tomorrow. At 736PM.

Am I there yet?

Why does reading “middle aged” make me feel so blah?

What’s wrong with reaching another milestone in my life?

Birthdays pass and the only thing that changes is the tick-box category you check off.

I think I move up a tick-box notch tomorrow.

What’s wrong with getting older?

Why are people so afraid?

In my mind, I’m still 18.

I don’t feel like giving my kids a middle-aged Mum.

I’m giving my kids a reliable, responsible, fun-loving, hug-giving friend.

Middle-aged Mum is not for me. No thanks.

I’ll just stick with “Mum” for now.



Day 9- 30 Days of Brave Challenge: May 3rd, 2017

Day 9 of 30 Days of Brave



What have I struggled with most during this 30-day challenge?

Trying not to focus too far ahead and staying present. I have always found that hard.

Today, be courageously vulnerable by openly sharing this weakness with a friend.

VULNERABLE: capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt.



My insecurities are at the core of what I fear and my sense of unworthiness, yet these vulnerabilities are also the birthplace of my joy, creativity, and love. So I will compassionately embrace my imperfections because feeling so fiercely vulnerable means I am alive. I will let myself be deeply seen and share myself wholeheartedly even though there are no guarantees that things will work out.

To share your weakness is to make yourself vulnerable; to make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength.



In what area of my life are you afraid of being rejected?

In my career. I am putting all my heart and soul into building a new career for myself, yet my grades are not reflecting my effort. I am concerned that with the state of psychology in Australia as the way it is, I am not going to make it.

How have I been limiting myself by avoiding the fear of being rejected?

I haven’t been doing this. I am still going ahead.


A weakness that I’m struggling with … is that I am still not single-tasking. I am trying to do too much at once. My head is muddled at times. Sometimes I am losing my focus. This weakness shows in my academic writing and in the way I run my household.

Today, I will be courageously vulnerable by sharing my weakness with the following person … not just one person, with everyone following This Melbourne Mum!

“The only way to get our true power back is to be vulnerable.”

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Day 8- 30 Days of Brave Challenge: May 2nd, 2017

Day 8 of 30 Days of Brave



Water someone else’s’ seed of intention:

  1. Bring a friend to mind who you know is capable and gifted in a certain way.
  2. Send them some words of encouragement letting them know you see that in them.

Who knows, a little nudge of confirmation could be all that friend needs to begin their own brave adventure.

CAPABLE: able to achieve efficiently whatever one has to do.

The feats I’ve set out to tackle, big and small, are becoming increasingly achievable through my hard work. I will be patient with myself, to let the seeds of my actions take root and grow into something amazing. Through time and effort, I have an expanding capacity to be brave.


You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.



Who made you feel good this week? What did they say?

My son made me feel good this week. He told me he loved me and he has been very helpful at home. He is well-behaved and enjoys a cuddle. I am very proud of the boy he is becoming. Being reminded you are loved by your children is the best feeling in the world.


Day 7- 30 Days of Brave Challenge: May 1st, 2017

Day 7 of 30 Days of Brave



1. Raise my hands in the air.

2. Breath into this power stance, own it.
3. Then audibly declare:
    “I am the hero of my own story!”
HEROIC: behaviour or talk that is bold.
The stories I tell myself are either limiting or expanding my potential. Ultimately, only I get to decide how my story unfolds. Today, and every day, I will take an active role in the lifelong adventure of becoming the hero of my own story.

If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.



If my life was a movie and it started today, what would the hero do?

If the hero of my movie had to start acting today, the hero would think about the things in life she really wants and the things she really wants to do. I really believe in the power of planning. I don’t tend to make decisions easily or quickly. The hero is the one person that believes in themselves and has the confidence to succeed. The hero takes ownership of their life and acknowledges all the positive and negative experiences that come with this life we are given. The hero recognises the value in loving yourself and knowing your worth. The hero really should take control.



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