One to Seven.

At first glance, you notice they are all different. All seven. Each is striking. Each has character. They all have one thing in common, that ties them for eternity.

Number One can be vague, often dreamy, and spends a lot of time in their own head. Number One wants to reinvent themselves time and time again, but doesn’t always hit the mark. Number Two, next to Number One, is hopeful, has a strong work ethic, and is bubbling with energy. Two doesn’t always know where this energy comes from but hopes that Number Three can run with it. This is where Number Three stands out. Is the glass half full or half empty? Can it be both at the same time? Three loses motivation at times, look a little lost, occasionally defeated. Number Three is often happy to turn the spotlight to Number Four in an effort to get their mojo back behind the scenes.

Number Four. Good old Number Four. Bumbling, and clumsy, Four often mistakenly identifies as Number Five. It’d be cute if Four was a little kid or a baby goat, but know we all count on Number Four. I don’t think Four realises how we relieved we are to be in their presence, after spending some challenging moments in the company of One, Two and Three. So bring on the REAL Number Five, the life of this party. Happy and seemingly always in love, Five looks adoringly at everything. And is thankful they are not One, Two. Three or Four. I guess you could say Five is the perpetual optimist. We all love Number Five. I don’t think I’ve met someone who doesn’t want to high-five Number Five.

While Number Five is excited for what’s to come, living life through dreams, Six steps proudly and with a roar into the spotlight. The party animal. The Chef. The Cleaner. The Dancer. The Reader. The Writer. The Friend. The Athlete. The Animal-Handler. The Drinker. The Smoker. The Traveller. The Driver. The Golfer. The Hipster. Six is who Three wishes they were ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Six can do anything with ease and rarely lacks the drive to get shit done. After all, they push One to Five aside and just get on with it. Six is awesome. There is nothing we don’t love about Six. Five and Six are it and a bit.

But now we turn our heads partly in confusion, in wonder and in pity towards Seven. Six did not warn us of Seven at all. Why did Six, or any of them, not warn us of Seven? Seven is like a roller coaster you can’t escape from. And you’re not sure how you spent so little time with Six and ended up with Seven. At first, Seven reminds me of Five. Sleepy, quite chilled, maybe a little tuckered out. A quiet type. Broody and intellectual. Maybe slightly hung over? I’m too scared to question.

And with no warning, it’s late and SNAP! Seven is like the clash of seven seas- nervous, anxious, angry, playing a victim, being the bully, reflective and is totally not a fan of Number One. We need to be warned that One makes Seven really agitated. You don’t want to mess with that anger. It’s terrifying. Seven can be really horrid and make you feel sad. There are tiny glimmers of hope that one day, Seven will get along with One. But its short-lived.

Then, with no warning, Seven is out of the light and we are drawn back to One. Humble One. The One who tries to save us from the perils of Three and the darkness of Seven.

Long live the seven days of the week. We can never escape them.



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