So you’re a BuJo newbie? Three things NOT to include in your journal

I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say that I literally get tens of spam messages straight to my inbox each week. Just this week on, Australians residents were advised of yet another hacking team working on a plot to release private emails from Aussie accounts.

Feel sick thinking about your personal deets being plucked out of your inbox and shared with the world? You need to be just as wary when considering what to add to your bullet journal (unless you are planning on keeping your journal in one spot, without fail, until each page is filled up).

The hacking scandal got me thinking about spreads I have seen added to bullet journals over the last two years and set off a few alarm bells as to which spreads I have included in my own journal in the past.

To keep your journal as safe as possible, especially if it travels with you wherever you go, think about NOT including the following information:

  1. lists of usernames and passwords and
  2. financial spreads with identifying details, including account and card numbers (yes I have seen people share these quite innocently)
  3. Derogatory comments towards others or unflattering images of others or yourself that you wouldn’t be happy to share online

Keep your private information private. If you happened to drop your journal, and a person found it and wasn’t kind enough to send it back to you (especially if there is no “please return to” details included), that information could backfire on you.

Remember: if you’re not happy to share specific information online, don’t share it in your BuJo.

Keep safe,





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