Bullet Journal Spreads to Study By (Part 2)

Thanks for stopping by for Part 2! These are three basic spreads that I will be adding to my study journal for my upcoming teaching period. I find that once I get my layouts drafted on to paper (as I have below), I have much more head space and focus to study.

Again, I have used my A4 Whitelines Grid Notebook and Whitelines App to upload these spreads (trust me, I love the book and app, but my work looks much neater on paper!)

I use my Pentel Touch brush pen for headings and a Unipin Fineliner in 0.4 (Black) for regular text.

The final spread with areas highlighted by green (Again, looks much better on paper!) shows the blocks of time I will allocate to study and reading through the week. With two small children to look after, this may be a challenge! My educators have asked me to dedicate onwards of 48 hours per week to complete 4 units and complete them well. All I can say is…….we’ll see about that!

I hope you will find these spreads for study useful in helping increase your focus and motivation.

If you are a fellow student and would like a study buddy for accountability/creativity’s sake, please say hello and connect with me! Would love to meet some new friendly faces.

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend, please don’t forget to drop me a line if you would like any clarification on my work.

Email: thismelbournemum@gmail.com



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