One Glance Back

One glance back and I see darkness.

I’ve allowed myself to grieve, to be bitter, to feel defeated.

I’ve used the anger to answer questions that no one else can.

One glance back and I see a dark unknown.

I’ve felt lost, isolated, ostracised and doubtful.

I’ve used the silence to find myself again.

One glance back and I see change.

I’ve felt confused, worn out and had forgotten where I was headed.

I’ve used new feelings to ride this wave.

One glance back and I see forward.

I’ve felt hopeful, happy and centred.

I’ve used the darkness to shed new light.

One glance back and I feel you.

I see you, I hold your hand, I let you go, and I take your light with me.

I know you, I know who you are, and I carry you with me.

Always my darling.


To my beautiful Mum on the fourth anniversary of the day my heart broke. Piece by piece, it mends.